About Me

Ever since my early childhood to present day, my family has always provided me with fundamental values by which I choose to treat people in my life: Respect, Care, and Positivity. Respect for the individual means to treat others as you would have them treat you. To do what you say you will, to be on time, to finish what you start – these are all basic tenants of the way I operate my business, and consequently, the way I treat others. Care means paying close attention to the needs of others, making sure that all questions, comments, and concerns are treated with empathy and understanding. When my clients describe to me the house of their dreams, I treat those wishes as my own and ensure that the perfect fit is found. Positivity means to always greet people with a smile. Whether they be clients, friends, family, or a new acquaintance. My goal is to not just find the ideal home for my client, but to make their day better, and to be someone with which they look forward to doing business. Growing up in Victoria, I have always had a passion for this beautiful city. The incredible mixture of custom homes and waterfront living makes this city one to admire. It is this beauty, and that of the people that live here, that makes real estate such a passion of mine. My upbringing in Victoria has given me an intimate understanding of the city in which we live. With this understanding comes a unique ability to provide customized results. Using the values outlined above as my guide, I am sure that my clients will find in myself a trusted advisor in their search for the perfect home.

Special Designations: B.B.A.

Languages: English / Anglais